DPL is involved in Project shipments all over the world. The majority of the cargo handle byvessels and special trailers.

According to the needs of its clients, DPL produces reasonable solutions, with its expert personnel, and professional agency network for the transportation of the loads beyond the standard dimensions and weights which are not covered by the regular transportation modes. Transportation of energy and wind plants, heavy construction equipments, cranes, integrated production plants, ship engines, and heavy parts of the ships, any kind of mobile vehicles, yacht and boat transportation are considered as project cargo; and delivered to our clients along with value added services.

  • International Heavy Freight and Project Cargo Transportation by Road, Air and Sea
  • Domestic Heavy Freight and Project Cargo Transportation
  • Multimodal Project Transportation Solutions
  • Break Bulk and Ro-Ro Vessel Chartaring
  • Crane Services at Jobsite or in The Port
  • Lashing
  • Securing
  • Dunnaging
  • Turnkey Transport Cost Calculation
  • Road Surveying and Authorisation Proccessing
  • Custom Clearence